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Welcome to the Digislides blog site.

If you have arrived at this page looking for the Digislides slide show website, the good news is it still exists but not actively updated any more. The slides shows are still available to buy on request. it can be found here www.digislides.co.uk/slideshows some links may bring you back here until I get round to fully separating the old site. If you do want to buy a slide show but are having trouble then e-mail me and I will sort out the PayPal link for you.

This site is now a blog site to write about my interests and post photos myself and my family have taken while out and about. I will also put up guides, tutorials and reviews on various subjects as the blog grows.

  • Photographs from our family collection of Animals, Nature, Scenic views and any other photos of interest.
  • Edited Photos, showing some of the photos I have edited to either fix them or where I have added or removed content and how it was done.
  • My attempts at Time-lapse and special effects photography using a Raspberry Pi computer and the features of our Digital Camera.
  • I’m a motor racing fan so I will put some stuff up about F1 and British Touring cars.
  • Following my attempt at investing money over 5 years to hopefully pay of a loan quicker that I currently am.
  • Reviews of products we have brought, places we have visited and things we have done.
  • Guides and Tutorials
  • Anything else that interests me along the way.

New content will be added regularly and photos and time-lapse videos as we take them.

Thanks for visiting


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