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My attempts at timelapse photography using a Raspberry Pi mini computer.

ex-hurricane Bertha storm hits UK

This video was taken from dawn to midday on August 10th 2014 as storm level winds up to 50 mph hit the UK from what was previously hurricane Bertha.

The time-lapse was taken at a rate 1 frame every 5 seconds which I often use for cloud time-lapses, but on this occasion a frame a second would have been better. As the morning progresses the clouds go shooting by as if the local neighbourhood has just gone in to warp.

Looks like a Miniature Model

Our camera has many modes that we probably will never use but I wanted to give the Tilt-Shift feature a go. On a recent trip to Portsmouth I got the chance from the top of the Spinnaker tower. The video is speeded up and only the centre is in focus. This gives the impression you are viewing a miniature model rather than real life.

If you haven’t come across this type of video before then you should search out some far better examples as they are good to watch.

Turbulent Clouds

This timelapses was done during a windy day with passing rain showers. You can see where the clouds form as they hit certain parts of the sky and dissipate as they get to other areas. I like the way when the grey rain cloud comes in it rolls in like water flowing across the sky.


Timelapes photos taken on a Raspberry Pi mini computer at 5 frames per second.

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Timelapse of Rainbows


Our house faces to the east so on rainy days a rainbow often appears in the late afternoon as the sun breaks through the clouds. This timelapse captures two rainbows forming, one is only partially visible but the other one was a full double rainbow. Unfortunately there is a wobble on the camera because the fixing had come loose and I use a small fan to stop the window misting up which was blowing the camera module about.


 You Tube Link

Timelapse using a Raspberry Pi with camera module taking 1 image every 8 seconds.

Time-lapse photography

I have always been interested in time-lapse photography from watching nature programs. Seeing things in motion that you wouldn’t usually see such as plants growing, changing clouds passing by, the tides ebbing & flowing¬† and the one I find most interesting is the stars of the milky way passing by in a pitch black night. Unfortunately I don’t have the equipment to photograph the milky way like that but I do have a time-lapse camera. Which is actually a Raspberry Pi mini computer equipped with it’s own camera. This means I can program it to take thousands of still photos with it’s 5 mega pixel camera and make some time-lapse videos.


I have made several videos of passing clouds which can be more interesting than it sounds once you see all the movement that goes on in the sky during the day. As I use the camera more I will try different subjects and features and post new videos here as I create them. The Raspberry Pi camera can also record video at 3 times the normal speed so they can be played back in slow motion which I haven’t started playing with yet but will be including these videos as well.