May 2015

May 2015

It’s been a few months since my last update. In that time my fund has steadily grown, hurrah. There was growth after Christmas as companies that have done well have announced their results. With the general election this year there was a dip in performance as the polls couldn’t decide if there was going to be an out right winner for any political party. Now the Conservatives have been elected with a majority the share prices have grown well. Currently I’m over £200 above my starting price and starting to claw back some of the interest charges I have paid so far.

The blue line on this graph shows the story of my investment fund since I started it in November 2013. The red line shows the price I got for the shares.

in the low of October 2014 the loss was over £200, now im back up to a gain on the initial fund of £234. Lets hope that the story for the next twelve months is not like the last and this small investment meets my target.

Investment Graph at March 2015

Fund Start price: £4.28

Current price: £4.61

+£234 on initial investment of £3000 (as of mid May 2015)

Investment Target £5.65



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