June 2014

investment-parachuteJune 2014

No improvement in June overall, so the parachute is still a requirement. The price of the shares continued to fall to 4.19% below the start price leaving me a £125.61 loss on my “investment”.

Though for the last week there was some gains so moving in the right direction.

I looked up a few reviews of the standard life small UK investment fund and it seems that though there has been a drop in the funds performance, as some of the bigger investments such as ASOS, the online retailer, have had major losses, there is confidence that the fund will bounce back soon and was still a good fund to invest in. I’m going to have to take their word for it as I know nothing. I’m the hands of the experts!

June 1st: £4.285  +£7

June 30th: £4.096 -£125.61

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