September 2014

I was getting worried there, I though I was going to get back into profit during September but normal service has resumed to the tune of a £160 loss. I know pocket change to people investing with a lot more than I will ever have but it is all relative. A loss is a loss.

It will be a year in November since I started this investment fund. After a promising start I thought I may just make it into a true profit in the first year. At the moment I would be surprised if I get back to the starting price.

It looks like it may be a while before this investment fund makes me any money. Though I feel it will eventually make a profit, key economies are struggeling at the moment such as Germany, China and the USA. Even though the UK is still doing well relatively, it is not being reflected in the share prices. Things are very up and down with the overall trend being down.

September 1st £4.183 -£68

September 30th £4.051 -£160.53 -5.6%



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